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The richness of sybolism

The richness of sybolism
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Carl Rogers is awesome

The majority of interpersonal problems in the civilized world come from conditions of worth being placed on us especially during the formative years of childhood.
Conditions of worth, an idea conceived by Carl Rogers, is basically when you consider someone with positive regard based on their actions. In other words, if you do what I want you to, I will love you. When I heard this it struck me and I will never forget that moment. This is a huge realization for all of us.
We do it to others because it’s what we know, it's what has been done to us. It destroys the spirit of exploration, wonder, imagination and confidence we are all born with. We become broken, sad, angry, we overcompensate, hang our heads low or way too high to cover the insecurity.
How different would you be, would you act or treat yourself and others if you had no conditions of worth or knew true unconditional love?

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