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The richness of sybolism

The richness of sybolism
Telling my story with no words

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rad Random

Random thoughts, totally self satisfying:

- i dont believe there is such a thing as falling in love, there are no walls to this giant pit.  one minute you are alone and the next your heart has made room for an invader. you are in love or you are not.
- i know way more than i let on.
- just because i strive to love unconditionally, forgive a lot, dont speak unless i am pretty sure it wont hurt your feelings and hold mine in less esteem than yours doesnt mean i am broken, stupid or need saving.  i am comfortable with my kindness and will foster it.
- sometimes days go by and i dont think about my babies; this makes me happy and sad and realize that my mourning was just right for me.
- i dont capitalize or add proper punctuation bc its my style not because i dont know better.
- rules pretty much suck and im way more rebellious than is good for me.
- my husband is literally the best man i ever met followed by my dad, brother and grandfather...and my grandmother is the best person anyone will ever meet.
- would rather eat appetizers than meals.
- i DO believe people do their best at any given time.  it may not be your best or your idea of their best but it is their best.
- i may actually finally be getting that when people reject an idea they are not necessarily rejecting me (my getting it will probably not occur for several years)
- we can all do better at taking care of each other...we should.
- accepting people for who they are, including yourself is totally liberating and way more peaceful than criticizing and piling their "faults" on the resentment heap.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

in progress...

i read an article in 'psychology today' that really clinched the other NEW BLOG i have been working on about the constant need to RUN on the hamster wheel, our futile attempt to find TRUE individuality and how mass communication is the LIFE and DEATH of the human race.  basically self- aggrandizing is what is causing most of us to feel entitled all the time, apps to serve us, MTO at sheetz, pandora and spoty play only what we like.  the few times we feel uncomfortable or not amazing we cannot handle it and juvenile HUBRIS comes back around full force.