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The richness of sybolism

The richness of sybolism
Telling my story with no words

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book time punks!

I am finally, thanks to Marie, my lovely soul mates, prayers and Brad, putting my book together. I don't have any idea what i am doing but i don't care. it will come to me, this is a part of me, its who i am. i feel like i have been a runner with my feet in those starting braces for years waiting for the gunshot to go off so i could start running. well, i had the gun in my own hand the whole time but I'm stubborn and thick headed i didnt realize it so its just my way.

i have 44 pages of material and it is mostly edited. however, i have about 200 other pieces that could go in but they are very rough and need sorting and editing so i will start on that next. this is by far the most work beside the actual writing over the last 4 years that i have done on this. i refuse to let my life keep flying by me.

all things that happen to me make me this person at this moment and i am nothing less than eternally grateful for the opportunity of experiences.

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Marie Devers said...

Yay for starting! That is the hardest part. The second hardest part is sticking with it.

You want to meet (online) Sunday morning and get some writing/gathering all your little pieces of writing time in?

We can meet up here, or my blog, or FB, or twitter, and we can make sure each other writes or works on the book in some way for a half hour or an hour--whatever you're comfortable with. Lemme know.